Sinbad/Skyline Linked Repeater System

The Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio Club (SDARC) operates a linked system of repeaters in southeast Utah. So does the Skyline Radio Club. These two systems are linked together and function as a single large system.

Name City Frequency/Tone
Abajo Peak Monticello, UT 146.610- 88.5 Hz
Bald Mesa Spanish Valley, UT 146.760- 88.5 Hz
Boardinghouse Ridge Clear Creek, UT 147.080+ 88.5 Hz
Boardinghouse Ridge Clear Creek, UT 222.840+ 88.5 Hz
Bruin Point Sunnyside, UT 147.320+ 88.5 Hz
Bruin Point Sunnyside, UT 449.050- 88.5 Hz
Cedar Mountain Woodside, UT 147.140+ 88.5 Hz
Flat Top Myton, UT 145.490- 136.5 Hz
Ford Ridge Colton, UT 145.310- 88.5 Hz
Grizzly Ridge Dutch John, UT 147.040+ 136.5 Hz
Mount Ellen Hanksville, UT 147.080+ 136.5 Hz
Horn Mountain Orangeville, UT 147.060+ 88.5 Hz
Lake Mountain Saratoga Springs, UT 147.080+ 77.0 Hz
Moab Downtown Moab, UT 146.900- 88.5 Hz
Star Point Price, UT 147.200+ 88.5 Hz

Downloadable Artifacts

I've created a few items which may be useful for DHRA members.