Hey, I'm Jared and I'm a ham radio operator, callsign K0̸TFU. My local club is the Draper Ham Radio Association and I am also a member of the Utah VHF Society.

Kenwood TH-D75 Review

I pre-ordered a Kenwood TH-D75 as soon as the distributors started taking pre-orders. I've had my Kenwood TH-D75 for a week now, and have had a chance to use if for quite a few hours. This is an expensive radio, I paid $750 for mine. Why would anyone pay this much money for any handheld radio? And is this one worth the money? You can buy a Baofeng UV-5R for less than $20, and it includes a charging cradle, which the Kenwood does not. The Baofeng will transmit and receive on the 2m and 70cm amateur radio bands, receive nearly anything with FM modulation, and with a little tweaking, can transmit on GMRS and MURS frequencies. What could the TH-D75 have that makes it worth almost 40 times the price?

Intermountain Intertie

For the last couple of months, I’ve been working to gather data on all the repeaters in the Intermountain Intertie. I wanted to make a nicer looking presentation of this linked repeater system than the other ones that I’ve seen. I also wanted to add some other useful artifacts like a Google Map showing the locations and links of all the repeaters, and a CSV file that you can download into CHIRP and then program into your radio. I also want this data to always be current and up to date.

Today I added three new Arizona repeaters to my Intermountain Intertie page. Thanks to the Arizona Repeater Association for their work to link these repeaters to the Intertie. Large portions of Northern and Central Arizona, including the Phoenix metropolitan area now are covered by repeaters linked to the Intertie.

There is more work to be done: each repeater will eventually have it’s own page with pictures, a description, and history of that repeater site.


New Website

I got tired of updating WordPress, so I built a new static website using Jekyll. I think it looks better than the old one, it’s faster, and I dumped Google Analytics so there is no tracking or cookies. Even the fonts are served locally.

Maybe this will inspire me to write here more often.