Reference Material

Here's my collection of discovered and written reference material.

Handheld Ham Radio Buyers Guide

Looking to buy a handheld amateur radio? There are dozens of options from many manufacturers with a broad range of available features and capabilities. This guide will teach you about the features of these radios, so you can decide which features you want in your handheld. It includes practical buying advice so you can make an informed purchasing decision balancing the tradeoffs between budget, features, durability, and ease of use. The guide includes a section on portable antennas which can make a big difference in the performance of a handheld radio.

FRS/GMRS Privacy Codes Demystified

Does your FRS or GMRS radio have privacy codes, sub codes, or interference eliminator codes? They are all kind of the same thing, except different. What if you want to use your Cobra GMRS radio or a Baofeng GMRS-V1 with your Motorola TalkAbout? I've got answers for all these questions, plus a short tutorial on squelch, which is really what these privacy codes are.

The Intermountain Intertie

The Intermountain Intertie is a system of linked repeaters located in Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Arizona, and Nevada. The Utah VHF Society operates many of the repeaters. The Arizona Repeater Association operates the repeaters in Arizona, except for the one at Jacob Lake. The rest of the repeaters are operated by individual hams or other clubs. The Utah VHF Society coordinates the links between all the repeaters in the system.

Draper Ham Radio Association

Members of the Draper Ham Radio Association are prepared to serve with emergency communications capabilities in and around the city of Draper, UT.

Sinbad/Skyline Linked Repeater System

The Sinbad Desert Amateur Radio Club operates a linked system of repeaters in southeast Utah. So does the Skyline Radio Club, and the two systems are linked together.